Lorayne Wooden Beads Big Set

A set of 41 hand-painted beads-golden, antique brushed brown, powder lavender, ocher, black and light violet colors wooden beads with floral and abstract patterns, covered with shiny and matte lacquer to achieve a sleek, porcelain look.

Details & Size

Quantity: 41 pcs -9 pcs (beads with different patterns) and 32 pcs (monocolor beads)
Bead size: 40mm-3pcs, 35mm-3 pcs, 30mm-6 pcs, 25mm-2 pcs, 20mm-4 pcs, 16mm-7pcs, 12mm-1pc, drop shape-2pc, flat shapes-11pcs, bean shape-1pc, cylinder shape-1pc.
Bead hole size: 5mm

If you need a specific size that is not listed in the offer or the quantity available online is not enough, please contact us at hello@gannwood.com and we will get back to you with the lead time for your order.

Materials & Finish

Material: wood
Finish: shiny and matte lacquer

All our beads are polished, hand-painted and lacquered using only ecologically clean and certified materials. Our wooden beads can be used for making jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants or other accessories such as keychains or home decor.

Color: Violet

Color: Copper

Color: Gold

Shape: Cylinder

Shape: Pumpkin

Shape: Round

Shape: Flat

Pattern: Floral

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