Sea Breeze Beaded Pendant

A beautiful artistic pendant composed of hand-painted wooden beads that have a sleek porcelain look. The pendant is made of three hand-painted wooden beads: one blue bead in pumpkin shape (shiny), one dark turquoise bead in bean shape (24x14mm, shiny), red bead in bean shape (24x14mm, shiny), one big bead with abstract blue pattern on it (45mm, shiny) and one dark blue resin element (60x65mm). Beads are strung on dark blue waxed polyester cord with flexible length.

Details & Size

Quantity: 1 pendant composed of 3 wooden beads, 1 resin bead
Cord length: flexible, from 60cm up to 140cm
Bead size: 14-45mm
Bead hole size: 5mm

Materials & Finish

Beads material: wood and resin
Collar material: waxed polyester cord

All our beads are polished, hand-painted and lacquered using only ecologically clean and certified materials. Our wooden beads can be used for making jewelry – necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants or other accessories such as keychains or home decor.

Color: Blue

Pattern: Abstract

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