Olympic Wooden Bead Necklace

The necklace is made of 7 hand-painted wooden beads: two gold beads (one 30mm and 35mm shiny), two turquoise (35mm and 20mm shiny) and three turquoise with golden effect beads (20mm, 30mm and 40mm shiny). Beads are strung on a blue waxed polyester collar of regulated length.

Details & Size

Quantity: 1 collar with 7 beads
Collar length: 50-85cm
Bead size: 20mm–40mm
Bead hole size: 5mm

Materials & Finish

Beads material: wood
Collar material: waxed polyester cord

All our beads are polished, hand-painted and lacquered using only ecologically clean and certified materials.

Color: Blue

Color: Gold

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