Orange Jungle Wooden Bead Necklace

A beautiful necklace composed of hand-painted wooden beads and covered with shiny lacquer to achieve a sleek porcelain look.

Details & Size

Quantity: 1 collar with 8 beads
Collar length: 60cm
Bead size: 12mm–40mm
Bead hole size: 5mm

The necklace is made of eight hand-painted wooden beads: red and orange (16mm, glazed), dark turquoise with jungle pattern (25mm, glazed), light turquoise (30mm, matte), dark turquoise (35mm, matte), light orange with jungle pattern (35mm, glazed), light turquoise with jungle pattern (40mm, glazed), orange (45mm, glazed). Beads are strung on black caoutchouc collar.

Materials & Finish

Beads material: wood
Collar material: caoutchouc

All our beads are polished, hand-painted and lacquered using only ecologically clean and certified materials.

Color: Orange

Color: Blue

Pattern: Floral

Pattern: Jungle

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